India's Ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty Celebrated; Accessible Books Consortium Launched

On Day 1 of the 28th Session of the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (“SCCR”), the WIPO organized an event to mark India’s ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled, 2013 (“Marrakesh Treaty”), and to launch the Accessible Books Consortium (“ABC”).

For a Truly Inclusive Consultative Process
Open House with George Abraham: Mainstreaming Persons with Disabilities
Summary of Judgements on Disability Rights
The Road to Financial Inclusion
Polling Pains
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Internet Governance
UK’s Interception of Communications Commissioner — A Model of Accountability

The United Kingdom maintains sophisticated electronic surveillance operations through a number of government agencies, ranging from military intelligence organizations to police departments to tax collection agencies. However, all of this surveillance is governed by one set of national laws outlining specifically what surveillance agencies can and cannot do.

Private Censorship and the Right to Hear
Privacy and Surveillance Roundtable, Mumbai
GNI and IAMAI Launch Interactive Slideshow Exploring Impact of India's Internet Laws
Delhi High Court Orders Blocking of Websites after Sony Complains Infringement of 2014 FIFA World Cup Telecast Rights
CIS Cybersecurity Series (Part 15) – Malavika Jayaram
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Asia in the Edges: A Narrative Account of the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School in Bangalore

The Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School is a Biennial event that invites Masters and PhD students from around Asia to participate in conversations around developing and building an Inter-Asia Cultural Studies thought process. Hosted by the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society along with the Consortium of universities and research centres that constitute it, the Summer School is committed to bringing together a wide discourse that spans geography, disciplines, political affiliations and cultural practices for and from researchers who are interested in developing Inter-Asia as a mode of developing local, contextual and relevant knowledge practices.

Reading from a Distance — Data as Text
," Let There be Geometry"
Living in the Archival Moment
Not a Goodbye; More a ‘Come Again’: Thoughts on being Research Director at a moment of transition
Binary Code Invades the Universal Problematic
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Digital Natives
Reaping the Benefits of Gamification
Reaping the Benefits of Gamification

As a part of the Making Change blog-post series, in this post we will identify a new technique: gamification. This technique is being used for sustainable environment conservation by modern day change-makers. We interview two out of three co-founders of Reap benefit- Kamal Raj and Gautam Prakash who believe in the adoption of more sustained environmental practices that induce social change towards conserving the environment.

From Taboo to Beautiful - Menstrupedia
Multimedia Storytellers: Panel Discussion
Bridging the Information Divide - Political Quotient
Information Structures for Citizen Participation - Janaagraha
Digital Design: Human Behavior vs. Technology - Vita Beans
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