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Dataset for "Patent Working Requirements and Complex Products: An Empirical Assessment of India's Form 27 Practice and Compliance"

by Rohini Lakshané

Dataset of the first comprehensive and systematic analysis of working statements (Form 27) of 3,126 patents pertaining to mobile technology in India. Licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

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Marathi Wikipedia Workshop in Sangli, Maharashtra

by Subodh Kulkarni

A Marathi Wikipedia workshop was recently held in Sangli, Maharashtra

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Telugu Wikisource Workshop

by Pavan Santhosh

Recently, a Telugu Wikisource Workshop was conducted in Hyderabad between 22- 23 July, 2017

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Wikipedia Workshop on Template Creation and Modification Conducted in Bengaluru

by Tito Dutta

A Wikipedia workshop on template creation, modification was conducted in Bengaluru on 30 July 2017. Here is a report.

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Patent Working Requirements and Complex Products: An Empirical Assessment of India's Form 27 Practice and Compliance

by Rohini Lakshané

In India, if a patent is not locally worked within three years of its issuance, any person may request a compulsory license, and if the patent is not adequately worked within two years of the grant of such a compulsory license, it may be revoked.

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Christ University Wikipedia Education Program Faculty Orientation Report

by Ananth Subray

Christ University faculty were given an orientation for the upcoming year on the Wikipedia Education Program

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RCEP IP Chapter: A Serious Threat to Access to Knowledge/ Cultural Goods?

by Arul George Scaria and Anubha Sinha

Negotiators from sixteen countries are currently meeting in Hyderabad for discussing a free trade agreement titled Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

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Asian Athletics Championships 2017 Edit-a-thon

by Sailesh Patnaik & Jnanaranjan Sahu

Odia Wikipedians, in conjunction with Indian Athletics Federation and Sports and Youth Services collaborated to document the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships. Hundreds of photos were uploaded and new Wikipedia content added to inform the event’s fans.

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Course Packs for Education Ruled Legal in India

by Anubha Sinha

On 9 May 2017, a five year court battle between publishers and universities finally came to an end when the Supreme Court of India dismissed an appeal by the Indian Reprographic Rights Organization (IRRO) challenging an earlier judgment of Delhi High Court that ruled course packs in India legal for educational purposes.

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