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A Deep Dive into Content Takedown Timeframes

by Torsha Sarkar

Since the 1990s, internet usage has seen a massive growth, facilitated in part, by growing importance of intermediaries, that act as gateways to the internet. Intermediaries such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), web-hosting providers, social-media platforms and search engines provide key services which propel social, economic and political development. However, these developments are also offset by instances of users engaging with the platforms in an unlawful manner. The scale and openness of the internet makes regulating such behaviour challenging, and in turn pose several interrelated policy questions.

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Project on Gender, Health Communications and Online Activism with City University

by Ambika Tandon

CIS is a partner on the project 'Gender, Health Communications and Online Activism in the Digital Age'. The project is lead by Dr. Carolina Matos, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Media in the Department of Sociology at City University.

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Cybersecurity Visuals Media Handbook: Launch Event

by Saumyaa Naidu

6th December | 6 pm | Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore

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Blockchain: A primer for India

by Anusha Madhusudhan

This paper aims to provide a comprehensive review of existing research and major debates surrounding Blockchain technology and its developments in select jurisdictions with a specific focus on India.

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Draft Security Standards for The Financial Technology Sector in India

by Vipul Kharbanda

Information security standards provide a framework for the secure development, implementation and maintenance of information systems and technology architecture. This document includes draft information security standards, which seek to ensure that not only the data of users is dealt with in a secure and safe manner but also that the smaller businesses in the fintech industry have a specific standard to look at in order to limit their liabilities for any future breaches.

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Introducing the Cybersecurity Visuals Media Handbook

by Saumyaa Naidu and Arindrajit Basu

The need for intervention in the cybersecurity imagery in media publications was realised during a brainstorming workshop that was conducted by CIS with illustrators, designers, and cybersecurity researchers.

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Guest post: Before cyber norms, let’s talk about disanalogy and disintermediation

by Pukhraj Singh

In a guest post in relation to CIS’s recently held roundtable onIndia’s cyber defense strategy, Pukhraj Singh looks at the critical fissures – at the technical and policy levels – in global normative efforts to secure cyberspace. By charting out the key vectors and power asymmetries among key stakeholders – both leading state actors and private actors like Microsoft – Singh posits that there is much to be done before we circumscribe cyber operations within legal strictures.

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India’s Role in Global Cyber Policy Formulation

by Arindrajit Basu

The past year has seen vigorous activity on the domestic cyber policy front in India. On key issues—including intermediary liability, data localization and e-commerce—the government has rolled out a patchwork of regulatory policies, resulting in battle lines being drawn by governments, industry and civil society actors both in India and across the globe.

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Event Report: Consultation on Draft Information Technology (Fintech Security Standards) Rules

by Anindya Kanan

The Centre for Internet and Society is in the process of drafting certain data security standards for Fintech entities. As part of the process of drafting, a consultation roundtable was organized to get inputs from industry executives, lawyers and policy experts working in this field.

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Reliance Jio is using SNI inspection to block websites

by Gurshabad Grover

Reliance Jio, the most popular ISP in India, is employing a deep packet inspection technique to block websites for its users.

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