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DIDP #34 On granular detail on ICANN's budget for policy development process

by Akriti Bopanna

ICANN has Advisory Committees which help guide the policy recommendations that the ICANN community develops while its Supporting Organizations are charged with developing policy recommendations for a particular aspect of ICANN's operations. Supporting Organizations are composed of volunteers from the community. ICANN publishes a combined budget for all these bodies under the head of policy development and CIS inquired about the financial resources allocated to each of them specifically.

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The Impact of Consolidation in the Internet Economy on the Evolution of the Internet

by Akriti Bopanna and Gurshabad Grover

The Centre for Internet and Society in partnership with the Internet Society organized an event on the impact of consolidation in the Internet economy. It was divided into two roundtable discussions, the first one focusing on the policies and regulation while the latter dealt with the technical evolution of the Internet. This report contributed to the Internet Society’s 2019 Global Internet Report on Consolidation in the Internet Economy.

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Picking ‘Wholes’ - Thinking in Systems Workshop

by Saumyaa Naidu

A System's Thinking masterclass was conducted by Dinesh Korjan on 27th and 28th May in the CIS Delhi office.

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Can EVM vulnerabilities be used to game the Indian election?

by Karan Saini

At first glance, it may seem like an easy deduction to make; that if the machines used for casting votes are themselves technologically vulnerable, then naturally, the entire electoral process must also be vulnerable too, by extension.

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Announcement of a Three-Region Research Alliance on the Appropriate Use of Digital Identity

by Amber Sinha

Omidyar Network has recently announced its decision to invest in establishment of a three-region research alliance — to be co-led by the Institute for Technology & Society (ITS), Brazil, the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) , Kenya, and the CIS, India — on the Appropriate Use of Digital Identity. As part of this Alliance, we at the CIS will look at the policy objectives of digital identity projects, how technological policy choices can be thought through to meet the objectives, and how legitimate uses of a digital identity framework may be evaluated.

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Workshop on Feminist Information Infrastructure

by Ambika Tandon

The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) organised a workshop on feminist infrastructure in collaboration with Blank Noise and Sangama, on 29th October, 2018. The purpose of the workshop was to disseminate the findings from a two-month long project being undertaken by researchers at Blank Noise and Sangama, with research support and training from CIS.

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RTI Application to BSNL for the list of websites blocked in India

by Gurshabad Grover

A Right to Information (RTI) request to a public company operating as an ISP for the list of websites and URLs blocked in India, and copies of such blocking orders issued by the Government of India.

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Will the WTO Finally Tackle the ‘Trump’ Card of National Security?

by Arindrajit Basu

The election of Donald Trump has marked a foundational challenge to the rules-based international order based on “free and fair trade”.

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An Analysis of the RBI’s Draft Framework on Regulatory Sandbox for Fintech

by Vipul Kharbanda

The term Fintech is generally used to describe innovative technology and technological processes being used in the financial services sector.

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Why the TikTok ban is worrying

by Gurshabad Grover

Rather than critically examining the infringement of liberties by the political executive, the Indian courts are becoming an additional threat to the right to freedom of expression, which we must be increasingly wary of.

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