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Submission to Global Commission on Stability of Cyberspace on the definition of Cyber Stability

by Arindrajit Basu and Elonnai Hickok

"The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace released a public consultation process that sought to solicit comments and obtain feedback on the definition of “Stability of Cyberspace”, as developed by the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC).

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Kashmir’s information vacuum

by Aayush Rathi and Akriti Bopanna

Legislative backing is being appropriated to normalise communication shutdowns.

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Future of Work in the ASEAN

by Aayush Rathi

A literature review of the future of work in automotive manufacturing and IT services in the ASEAN region, authored by Aayush Rathi, Vedika Pareek, Divij Joshi, and Pranav Bidare.

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Linking Aadhaar with social media or ending encryption is counterproductive

by Sunil Abraham

Should Aadhaar be used as KYC for social media accounts? We have recently seen a debate on this question with even the courts hearing arguments in favour and against such a move.

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A judicial overreach into matters of regulation

by Gurshabad Grover

A PIL on Aadhaar sheds light on some problematic trends

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Rethinking the intermediary liability regime in India

by Torsha Sarkar

The article consolidates some of our broad thematic concerns with the draft amendments to the intermediary liability rules, published by MeitY last December.

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Design and Uses of Digital Identities - Research Plan

by Amber Sinha and Pooja Saxena

In our research project about uses and design of digital identity systems, we ask two core questions: a) What are appropriate uses of ID?, and b) How should we think about the technological design of ID? Towards the first research question, we have worked on first principles and will further develop definitions, legal tests and applications of these principles. Towards the second research question, we have first identified a set of existing and planned digital identity systems that represent a paradigm of how such a system can be envisioned and implemented, and will look to identify key design choices which are causing divergence in paradigm.

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