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Internet and the Police: Tool to Some, Trash to Others

by Manoj Kumar

Strap: Disconnection with colleagues discomforts one part of the administration, but the other quips, what’s the big deal?

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Business Woes from Saharanpur's Internet Ban

by Mahesh Kumar Shiva

Strap: Three businessmen reveal the price they paid

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Online or Offline, Protest Goes On

by Junaid Nabi Bazaz

Strap: Kashmiris say internet blockades have no effect on uprisings

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Amid Unrest in the Valley, Students See a Dark Wall

by Aakash Hassan

Strap: Frequent, prolonged restrictions on internet have kept many from using the learning resource.

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Digital Banking Dreams: Interrupted

by Safeena Wani

Strap: Internet shutdowns drag banks in J&K far behind.

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It Hurts Them Too

by Mir Farhat

Strap: Internet shutdown robs security forces' social media lifeline in J&K.

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Should Aadhaar be mandatory?

by Amber Sinha

This week, a constitutional bench of the Supreme Court will adjudicate on limited questions of stay orders in the Aadhaar case. After numerous attempts by the petitioners in the Aadhaar case, the court has agreed to hear this matter, just shy of the looming deadline of December 31 for the linking of Aadhaar numbers to avail government services and benefits.

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Artificial Intelligence - Literature Review

by Shruthi Anand

With origins dating back to the 1950s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not necessarily new. However, interest in AI has been rekindled over the last few years, in no small measure due to the rapid advancement of the technology and its applications to real- world scenarios. In order to create policy in the field, understanding the literature regarding existing legal and regulatory parameters is necessary. This Literature Review is the first in a series of reports that seeks to map the development of AI, both generally and in specific sectors, culminating in a stakeholder analysis and contributions to policy-making. This Review analyses literature on the historical development of the technology, its compositional makeup, sector- specific impacts and solutions and finally, overarching regulatory solutions.

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AI and Healthcare in India: Looking Forward

by Shweta Mohandas

This Report provides an overview of the proceedings of the Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and healthcare in India: Looking Forward (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Roundtable’), conducted at The Energy Resource Institute (TERI), in Bangalore on November 30, 2017.

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Breeding misinformation in virtual space

by Amber Sinha

A well-informed citizenry and institutions that provide good information are fundamental to a functional democracy.

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