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Sorry, Business Closed until Internet is Back On

by Nalanda Tambe

Strap: Exporters say they lose face with international clients when internet shutdowns block deliveries.

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Stock Brokers Don't Love an Internet Shutdown

by Binita Parikh

Strap: For a trade that rides on price volatility and fast reactions, an internet shutdown is a costly slowdown.

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The Rising Stars in Music Loath Losing their Only Platform

by Umar Shah and Mir Farhat

Strap: The music from Kashmir wants to find a way out, but shutting internet down only adds to the bitterness.

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Internet and Banking: A Trust Broken

by Roshan Gupta

Strap: Some cut down their daily meals and some lost their jobs as the banking sector took a major hit during internet shutdowns.

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Was there an Unofficial Internet Shutdown in BHU & NTPC?

by Saurabh Sharma

Strap: In Varanasi and Raebareli, residents allege internet bans, while govt denies it all.

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How Media beat the Shutdown in Darjeeling

by Manish Adhikary

Strap:Journalists did what the state was expected to do: fight rumours.

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Internet and the Police: Tool to Some, Trash to Others

by Manoj Kumar

Strap: Disconnection with colleagues discomforts one part of the administration, but the other quips, what’s the big deal?

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Business Woes from Saharanpur's Internet Ban

by Mahesh Kumar Shiva

Strap: Three businessmen reveal the price they paid

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Online or Offline, Protest Goes On

by Junaid Nabi Bazaz

Strap: Kashmiris say internet blockades have no effect on uprisings

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Amid Unrest in the Valley, Students See a Dark Wall

by Aakash Hassan

Strap: Frequent, prolonged restrictions on internet have kept many from using the learning resource.

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