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377 Bites the Dust: Unpacking the long and winding road to the judicial decriminalization of homosexuality in India

by Agnidipto Tarafder and Arindrajit Basu

An informal case comment tracing the journey and assessing the societal implications the recent 377 (Navtej Johar v Union of India).

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Why Data Localisation Might Lead To Unchecked Surveillance

by Pranesh Prakash

In recent times, there has been a rash of policies and regulations that propose that the data that Indian entities handle be physically stored on servers in India, in some cases exclusively. In other cases, only a copy needs to be stored.

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Cross-Border Data Sharing and India: A study in Processes, Content and Capacity

by Amber Sinha, Elonnai Hickok, Udbhav Tiwari and Arindrajit Basu

A majority of criminal investigations in the modern era necessitate law enforcement access to electronic evidence stored extra-territorially. The conventional methods of compelling the presentation of evidence available for investigative agencies often fail when the evidence is not present within the territorial boundaries of the state.

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A trust deficit between advertisers and publishers is leading to fake news

by Sunil Abraham

Transparency regulations is need of the hour. And urgently for election and political advertising. What do the ads look like? Who paid for them? Who was the target? How many people saw these advertisements? How many times? Transparency around viral content is also required.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Governance Sector in India

by Arindrajit Basu and Elonnai Hickok

The use of Artificial Intelligence has the potential to ameliorate several existing structural inefficiencies in the discharge of governmental functions. Our research indicates that the deployment of this technology across sub-sectors is still on the horizons.

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India’s post-truth society

by Swaraj Paul Barooah

The proliferation of lies and manipulative content supplies an ever-willing state a pretext to step up surveillance.

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The Srikrishna Committee Data Protection Bill and Artificial Intelligence in India

by Amber Sinha and Elonnai Hickok

Artificial Intelligence in many ways is in direct conflict with traditional data protection principles and requirements including consent, purpose limitation, data minimization, retention and deletion, accountability, and transparency.

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Consumer Care Society: Silver Jubilee Year Celebrations

by Arindrajit Basu

Arindrajit Basu delivered a talk the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Consumer Care Society (CCS )on 'Privacy and Security in the Age of the Internet.

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An Analysis of the CLOUD Act and Implications for India

by Elonnai Hickok and Vipul Kharbanda

India houses the second largest population in the world at approximately 1.35 billion individuals. In such a diverse and dense context, law enforcement could be a challenging job.

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