Centre for Internet & Society

Andrew Rens will give a talk about research that he is doing at the Internet Governance Lab on October 23, 2017 at the Centre for Internet & Society in Bengaluru.

It seems almost anything can be connected to the Internet: 3D printers, cars, traffic lights and even toasters. This proliferation of Internet enabled devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), raises a cloud of complex problems, of ownership and control, privacy and surveillance, ubiquity and network fragility. IoT doesn't just promise efficiency; cheap sensors and printers might put scientific research and customized manufacturing in the hands of millions more people. The governance of the IoT, exhibits the same super complexity as Internet governance generally; with multiple sites of governance and actors operating across legal borders. Legal regulation, standards and the architecture of technology determine how the IoT is configured and how it will be reconfigured in response to these problems. Where is the technology governance of the IoT currently taking shape? What forces will likely bear on the governance of the IoT? What role will permissionless innovation play, and what its limits? How will intellectual property laws complicate the IoT?"

The event, overall, is expected to be a thought provoking one for discussion on things related to IoT.