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Here is the list of selected sessions and individual presentations for the Internet Researchers' Conference (IRC22) - #Home. IRC22 will be held online from May 25-27, 2022. The conference announcement, along with details on registration will be published in the first week of May.

Internet Researchers' Conference 2022 - #Home: Call for Sessions

Internet Researchers' Conference 2022 - #Home: List of Proposed Sessions

Selected Sessions and Total Scores 

#WaitingForFood - Rhea Bose and Nisha Subramanian (85.00)

#thismightnotbeonline - Kaushal Sapre; Aasma Tulika (81.88)

#GoingHome: Constructions of a Digital-Urban Platform Interface in Delhi-NCR - Anurag Mazumdar (80.63)

#CovidConfessions - Indumathi Manohar (80.63)

#IdentitesVulnerabilitiesOpportunitiesDissent - Saumya Tewari; Manisha Madhava; Dhrupadi Chattopadhyay; Aparna Bose (79.38)

#HomeAndTheInternet - Dona Biswas; Bhanu Priya Gupta (77.50)

#LetsMoveIn - Arathy Salimkumar; Faheem Muhammed; Hazeena T; Manisha Madapathy (76.25)

#LockdownsAndShutdowns - Michael Collyer; Joss Wright (73.75)

#ActFromHome - Maya Sherman; Rai Sengupta (73.75)

#SocialMediaActivism - Anushka Bhilwar (69.38)

#TransActandWhatFollowed - Brindaalakshmi K (68.75)

#IdentifyingtheIdeaoflLaborinTeaching - Sunanda Kar; Bishal Sinha (68.75)

#HomeBasedFlexiworkInCovid19 - Sabina Dewan; Mukta Naik; Ayesha Zainudeen; Gayani Hurulle; Hue-Tam Jamme; Devesh Taneja (67.50)

#Involute:Jagged Seams of the Domestic and the Vocational - Akriti Rastogi; Deepak Prince; Misbah Rashid; Satish Kumar (65.63)

#DigitisingCrisesRemakingHome - Vidya Subramanian; Kalindi Kokal; Uttara Purandare (61.88)

Note: The total scores were derived from  anonymous peer selection by all teams and scores by a panel of external reviewers, with both processes given a 50% weightage.

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