Centre for Internet & Society

To preserve freedoms online, amend the IT Act

by Gurshabad Grover

Look into the mechanisms that allow the government and ISPs to carry out online censorship without accountability.

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CIS Response to Call for Stakeholder Comments: Draft E-Commerce Policy

by Arindrajit Basu, Vipul Kharbanda, Elonnai Hickok and Amber Sinha

CIS is grateful for the opportunity to submit to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion comments to the ​draft National e-commerce policy.

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DIDP #33 On ICANN's 2012 gTLD round auction fund

by Akriti Bopanna

This DIDP was filed to inquire about the state of the funds ICANN received from the last gTLD auctions.

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CIS Response to Draft E-Commerce Policy

by Amber Sinha

CIS is grateful for the opportunity to submit comments to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion on the draft national e-commerce policy. This response was authored by Amber Sinha, Arindrajit Basu, Elonnai Hickok and Vipul Kharbanda.

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Improving the Processes for Disclosing Security Vulnerabilities to Government Entities in India

by Karan Saini, Pranesh Prakash and Elonnai Hickok

The aim of this policy brief is to recommend changes pertaining to current legislation, policy and practice to the Government of India regarding external vulnerability reporting and disclosure. The changes we recommend within this brief aim to strengthen the processes around voluntary vulnerability and bug disclosure by third parties.

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The Localisation Gambit: Unpacking policy moves for the sovereign control of data in India

by Arindrajit Basu, Elonnai Hickok and Aditya Singh Chawla

Edited by: Pranav M.B., Vipul Kharbanda and Amber Sinha Research Assistance: Anjanaa Aravindan

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Unbox Festival 2019: CIS organizes two Workshops

by Saumyaa Naidu

Centre for Internet & Society organized two workshops at the Unbox Festival 2019, in Bangalore, on 15 and 17 February 2019.

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Comments on the Draft Second Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime (Budapest Convention)

by Vipul Kharbanda

Following consultations with data protection, civil society, industry and others, during the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) meeting from 29 November 2018 onwards, the Cybercrime Convention Committee has sought additional contributions regarding the provisional draft text for a Second Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime (“Budapest Convention”).

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Resurrecting the marketplace of ideas

by Arindrajit Basu

There is no ‘silver bullet’ for regulating content on the web. It requires a mix of legal and empirical analysis.

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CIS Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Speech and Expression: Surveillance Industry and Human Rights

by Elonnai Hickok, Arindrajit Basu, Gurshabad Grover, Akriti Bopanna, Shweta Mohandas, Martyna Kalvaityte

CIS responded to the call for submissions from the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Speech and Expression. The submission was on the Surveillance Industry and Human Rights.

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