Centre for Internet & Society

Comments to National Digital Health Mission: Health Data Management Policy

by Shweta Mohandas, Pallavi Bedi, Shweta Reddy, and Saumyaa Naidu

CIS has submitted comments to the National Health Data Management Policy. We welcome the opportunity provided to our comments on the Policy and we hope that the final Policy will consider the interests of all the stakeholders to ensure that it protects the privacy of the individual while encouraging a digital health ecosystem.

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CIS digital policy organisation tracker

by Centre for Internet & Society

Update: We, at CIS, acknowledge our error and insensitivity in publishing this tracker in its current form. Missing key organisations and movements is a disservice to the list, and an erasure of the contributions of our colleagues to our shared area of work. We also acknowledge grave flaws in our methodology in preparing this list. For all these mistakes, we unreservedly apologise. Based on feedback received from the community, we have taken down this tracker.

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Recommendations for EU cyber diplomacy

by Arindrajit Basu

Written statement by Arindrajit Basu delivered at the EU Cyber Direct Civil Society Forum 2020

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Regulatory Road for Cryptocurrencies: Comments on the Report of the Inter-ministerial Committee on Virtual Currencies

by Vipul Kharbanda

On 22nd July 2019, the Inter ministerial committee that was constituted to study the issues related to virtual currencies submitted its report. It is important to analyze the various aspects of cryptocurrencies that have been considered to evaluate the Committee’s proposed next steps.

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Comments on NITI AAYOG Working Document: Towards Responsible #AIforAll

by Shweta Mohandas, Arindrajit Basu and Ambika Tandon

The NITI Aayog Working Document on Responsible AI for All released on 21st July 2020 serves as a significant statement of intent from NITI Aayog, acknowledging the need to ensure that any conception of “Responsible AI” must fulfill constitutional responsibilities, incorporated through workable principles. However, as it is a draft document for discussion, it is important to highlight next steps for research and policy levers to build upon this report.

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The 5G Factor:A Primer

by Nikhil Dave

Despite the seemingly unending challenges, the task of acting against Huawei and China presents even more complex problems, and it seems writing off Huawei from the future of 5G, may be a premature call.

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The State of Secure Messaging

by Divyank Katira

A look at the protections provided by and threats posed to secure communication online.

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