Centre for Internet & Society

On Friday, April 19, 2013, at the Centre for Internet and Society, Marialaura Ghidini will give a talk about the creation and activities of or-bits.com, a web-based curatorial platform that she founded in 2009.

Or-bits.com is devoted to supporting and developing practices, critical dialogues and audience engagement around artistic production, display and distribution online. Through presenting online group exhibitions and critical writing on its blog, the development of offsite gallery projects, print publishing and workshops, or-bits.com aims to instigate an exploration of the phenomena related to the spread and simplification of web-based technology across disciplines. It aims to propagate a model of artistic work that uses and reflects on the web as a language and a medium of production, display and distribution of contemporary art, both online and offline.

Marialaura's talk will then open up to present some issues related to curatorial/artistic work online and its relationship with offline activities of production, display and distribution in order to trigger further discussion in the form of a Q&A session.


Marialaura Ghidni

Marialaura Ghidini is a curator, writer and researcher based in the UK. She is founder director of or-bits.com and an AHRC-funded PhD researcher with CRUMB at the University of Sunderland, where she explores the field of online curation with a specific interest in the theory and practice of artists and curators operating through web-based platforms and in-between online and offline dimensions.

She has been in India since January as an International Research Fellow at SARAI/CSDS in Delhi and now as a curatorial resident with T.A.J. Residency & SKE Projects in Bangalore.

Also see http://marialaura-ghidini.hotglue.me