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Response to Mozilla DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) Comment Period

by Gurshabad Grover, Divyank Katira

CIS has submitted a response to Mozilla's DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) Comment Period

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PDP Bill is coming: WhatsApp Privacy Policy analysis

by Pallavi Bedi & Shweta Reddy

WhatsApp started off the new year with changes to its privacy policy that has several implications for data protection and the digital governance ecosystem at large. This post is the first in a series by CIS unpacking the various implications of the policy.

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Widening the Horizons of Surveillance - Lateral Surveillance Mechanisms

by Mira Swaminathan & Shubhika Saluja

This paper sheds light on the issues and challenges associated with lateral surveillance mechanisms.

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India Digital Freedom Series: Internet Shutdowns, Censorship and Surveillance

by Gurshabad Grover

A series of reports on digital rights and civic space in India, focusing on four areas where restrictive policies threaten fundamental freedoms and impede public participation: internet shutdowns, censorship, platform governance and surveillance.

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Data driven election campaigning and India's proposed data protection framework

by Shweta Reddy

This essay will examine if the proposed data protection framework of India is equipped to deal with the shift towards data driven elections.

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Government COVID-19 Responses in the Context of Privacy : Part II

by Vipul Kharbanda

This is the second part in a two part series of posts analysing the privacy implications of the state’s responses to COVID-19.

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Comments on Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture

by Shweta Reddy, Pallavi Bedi, Anubha Sinha, Shweta Mohandas

CIS has submitted comments to the Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture

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Intermediary liability and Safe Harbour: On due diligence and automated filtering

by Gurshabad Grover

This post discusses this ‘due diligence’ obligation in the intermediary liability regime in India, with a focus on its scope and whether it includes the possibility of automated content filtering.

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The PDP Bill 2019 Through the Lens of Privacy by Design

by Saumyaa Naidu, Akash Sheshadri, Shweta Mohandas, and Pranav M Bidare; Edited by Arindrajit Basu, Shweta Reddy; With inputs from Amber Sinha

This paper evaluates the PDP Bill based on the Privacy by Design approach. It examines the implications of Bill in terms of the data ecosystem it may lead to, and the visual interface design in digital platforms. This paper focuses on the notice and consent communication suggested by the Bill, and the role and accountability of design in its interpretation.

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