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Telugu Wikisource Workshop

by Pavan Santhosh

Recently, a Telugu Wikisource Workshop was conducted in Hyderabad between 22- 23 July, 2017

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Christ University Wikipedia Education Program Faculty Orientation Report

by Ananth Subray

Christ University faculty were given an orientation for the upcoming year on the Wikipedia Education Program

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Asian Athletics Championships 2017 Edit-a-thon

by Sailesh Patnaik & Jnanaranjan Sahu

Odia Wikipedians, in conjunction with Indian Athletics Federation and Sports and Youth Services collaborated to document the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships. Hundreds of photos were uploaded and new Wikipedia content added to inform the event’s fans.

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Thematic Edit-a-thon at J.P.Naik Centre for Education & Development, Pune

by Subodh Kulkarni

A Marathi Wikipedia workshop was held at the J.P. Naik Centre for Education and Development in Pune recently.

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SoI’s Open Series Maps Fails to Implement Public Sharing of Govt Data

by Sumandro Chattapadhyay

Although it has made the topographic maps or the Open Series Maps available to general public, Survey of India’s (SoI) Nakshe portal will have to go through a variety of litmus test, as the initiative fails to implement the mandates of public sharing of government data using open standards and open license as put forward by the NMP 2005 and NDSAP 2012, says Sumandro Chattapadhyay, Research Director, The Centre for Internet and Society. This interview was published by Geospatial World on May 02, 2017.

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Comments on the Statistical Disclosure Control Report

by Srinivs Kodali and Amber Sinha

This submission presents comments by the Centre for Internet and Society, India (“CIS”) on the ​Statistical Disclosure Control Report published on March 30th by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

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