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The Centre for Internet and Society, India has been researching privacy in India since the year 2010, with special focus on the following issues.

  1. Research on the issue of privacy in different sectors in India.
  2. Monitoring projects, practices, and policies around those sectors.
  3. Raising public awareness around the issue of privacy, in light of varied projects, industries, sectors and instances.

The Right to Privacy has evolved in India since many decades, where the question of it being a Fundamental Right has been debated many times in courts of Law. With the advent of information technology and digitisation of the services, the issue of Privacy holds more relevance in sectors like Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, ITC, etc., The Right to Privacy is also addressed in light of the Sexual minorities, Whistle-blowers, Government services, etc.

Sectors -

1. Consumer Privacy and other sectors -

Consumer privacy laws and regulations seek to protect any individual from loss of privacy due to failures or limitations of corporate customer privacy measures. The following articles deal with the current consumer privacy laws in place in India and around the world. Also, privacy concerns have been considered along with other sectors like Copyright law, data protection, etc.

§ Consumer Privacy - How to Enforce an Effective Protective Regime? http://bit.ly/1a99P2z

§ Privacy and Information Technology Act: Do we have the Safeguards for Electronic Privacy? http://bit.ly/10VJp1P

  • Limits to Privacy http://bit.ly/19mPG6I

§ Copyright Enforcement and Privacy in India http://bit.ly/18fi9fM

  • Privacy in India: Country Report http://bit.ly/14pnNwl

§ Transparency and Privacy http://bit.ly/1a9dMnC

§ The Report of the Group of Experts on Privacy (Contributed by CIS) http://bit.ly/VqzKtr

§ The (In) Visible Subject: Power, Privacy and Social Networking http://bit.ly/15koqol

§ Privacy and the Indian Copyright Act, 1857 as Amended in 2010 http://bit.ly/1euwX0r

§ Should Ratan Tata be afforded the Right to Privacy? http://bit.ly/LRlXin

§ Comments on Information Technology (Guidelines for Cyber Café) Rules, 2011 http://bit.ly/15kojJn

§ Broadcasting Standards Authority Censures TV9 over Privacy Violations! http://bit.ly/16L4izl

§ Is Data Protection Enough? http://bit.ly/1bvaWx2

§ Privacy, speech at stake in cyberspace http://cis-india.org/news/privacy-speech-at-stake-in-cyberspace-1

§ Q&A to the Report of the Group of Experts on Privacy http://bit.ly/TPhzQQ

§ Privacy worries cloud Facebook's WhatsApp Deal http://cis-india.org/internet-governance/blog/economic-times-march-14-2014-sunil-abraham-privacy-worries-cloud-facebook-whatsapp-deal

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§ A Stolen Perspective http://bit.ly/1bWHyzv

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§ I don't want my fingerprints taken http://bit.ly/aYdMia

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§ Why your Facebook Stalker is Not the Real Problem http://bit.ly/1bI2MSc

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§ How Facebook is Blatantly Abusing our Trust http://bit.ly/OBXGXk

§ Open Secrets http://bit.ly/1b5uvK0

§ Big Brother is Watching You http://bit.ly/1cGpg0K

2. Banking/Finance -

Privacy in the banking and finance industry is crucial as the records and funds of one person must not be accessible by another without the due authorisation. The following articles deal with the current system in place that governs privacy in the financial and banking industry.

§ Privacy and Banking: Do Indian Banking Standards Provide Enough Privacy Protection? http://bit.ly/18fhsTM

§ Finance and Privacy http://bit.ly/15aUPh6

§ Making the Powerful Accountable http://bit.ly/1nvzSpC

3. Telecommunications -

The telecommunications industry is the backbone of current technology with respect to ICTs. The telecommunications industry has its own rules and regulations. These rules are the focal point of the following articles including criticism and acclaim.

§ Privacy and Telecommunications: Do We Have the Safeguards? http://bit.ly/10VJp1P

§ Privacy and Media Law http://bit.ly/18fgDfF

§ IP Addresses and Expeditious Disclosure of Identity in India http://bit.ly/16dBy4N

§ Telecommunications and Internet Privacy Read more: http://bit.ly/16dEcaF

§ Encryption Standards and Practices http://bit.ly/KT9BTy

§ Encryption Standards and Practices http://cis-india.org/internet-governance/blog/privacy/privacy_encryption

§ Security: Privacy, Transparency and Technology http://cis-india.org/internet-governance/blog/security-privacy-transparency-and-technolog y

4. Sexual Minorities -

While the internet is a global forum of self-expression and acceptance for most of us, it does not hold true for sexual minorities. The internet is a place of secrecy for those that do not conform to the typical identities set by society and therefore their privacy is more important to them than most. When they reveal themselves or are revealed by others, they typically face a lot of group hatred from the rest of the people and therefore value their privacy. The following article looks into their situation.

· Privacy and Sexual Minorities http://bit.ly/19mQUyZ

5. Health -

The privacy between a doctor and a patient is seen as incredibly important and so should the privacy of a person in any situation where they reveal more than they would to others in the sense of CT scans and other diagnoses. The following articles look into the present scenario of privacy in places like a hospital or diagnosis center.

§ Health and Privacy http://bit.ly/16L1AJX

§ Privacy Concerns in Whole Body Imaging: A Few Questions http://bit.ly/1jmvH1z

6. e-Governance -

The main focus of governments in ICTs is their gain for governance. There have many a multiplicity of laws and legislation passed by various countries including India in an effort to govern the universal space that is the internet. Surveillance is a major part of that governance and control. The articles listed below deal with the issues of ethics and drawbacks in the current legal scenario involving ICTs.

§ E-Governance and Privacy http://bit.ly/18fiReX

§ Privacy and Governmental Databases http://bit.ly/18fmSy8

§ Killing Internet Softly with its Rules http://bit.ly/1b5I7Z2

§ Cyber Crime & Privacy http://bit.ly/17VTluv

§ Understanding the Right to Information http://bit.ly/1hojKr7

§ Privacy Perspectives on the 2012-2013 Goa Beach Shack Policy http://bit.ly/ThAovQ

§ Identifying Aspects of Privacy in Islamic Law http://cis-india.org/internet-governance/blog/identifying-aspects-of-privacy-in-islamic-law

§ What Does Facebook's Transparency Report Tell Us About the Indian Government's Record on Free Expression & Privacy? http://cis-india.org/internet-governance/blog/what-does-facebook-transparency-report-tell -us-about-indian-government-record-on-free-expression-and-privacy

§ Search and Seizure and the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age: A Comparison of US and India http://cis-india.org/internet-governance/blog/search-and-seizure-and-right-to-privacy-in-digital-age

§ Internet Privacy in India http://cis-india.org/telecom/knowledge-repository-on-internet-access/internet-privacy-in-i ndia

§ Internet-driven Developments - Structural Changes and Tipping Points http://bit.ly/10s8HVH

§ Data Retention in India http://bit.ly/XR791u

§ 2012: Privacy Highlights in India http://bit.ly/1kWe3n7

§ Big Dog is Watching You! The Sci-fi Future of Animal and Insect Drones http://bit.ly/1kWee1W

7. Whistle-blowers -

Whistle-blowers are always in a difficult situation when they must reveal the misdeeds of their corporations and governments due to the blowback that is possible if their identity is revealed to the public. As in the case of Edward Snowden and many others, a whistle-blowers identity is to be kept the most private to avoid the consequences of revealing the information that they did. This is the main focus of the article below.

§ The Privacy Rights of Whistle-blowers http://bit.ly/18GWmM3

8. Cloud and Open Source -

Cloud computing and open source software have grown rapidly over the past few decades. Cloud computing is when an individual or company uses offsite hardware on a pay by usage basis provided and owned by someone else. The advantages are low costs and easy access along with decreased initial costs. Open source software on the other hand is software where despite the existence of proprietary elements and innovation, the software is available to the public at no charge. These software are based of open standards and have the obvious advantage of being compatible with many different set ups and are free. The following article highlights these computing solutions.

§ Privacy, Free/Open Source, and the Cloud http://bit.ly/1cTmGoI

9. e-Commerce -

One of the fastest growing applications of the internet is e-Commerce. This includes many facets of commerce such as online trading, the stock exchange etc. in these cases, just as in the financial and banking industries, privacy is very important to protect ones investments and capital. The following article's main focal point is the world of e-Commerce and its current privacy scenario.

§ Consumer Privacy in e-Commerce http://bit.ly/1dCtgTs

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