Centre for Internet & Society

Ford Foundation and the Centre for Internet & Society bring you research on the origins of the Internet in India, its impact on the Indian GDP and topics and debates surrounding the Internet in today's world.

Module 1: History of the Internet

This module will cover brief history of the Internet, its early stages and growth. It will also cover origins of internet in India and its impact on the Indian GDP. It will also focus on hot topics/debates surrounding the Internet.

Module 2: Principles of the Internet

This module will cover various principles that underpinned the creation of the Internet, the threats they face and the need for a truly “open internet”.

  • Unit 6: Universal Access and Service
  • Unit 7: Freedom of Expression
  • Unit 8: Privacy
    Module 3: Technologies and the Internet

    Description of the internet infrastructure, purpose and function of an ISP, advantages and disadvantages of different modes of Internet access.
    Network Layers

    • Unit 9: Critical Internet Resources
    • Unit 10: Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    • Unit 11: Types of Internet Connections
      Module 4: Government Bodies, International Institutions and Other Mechanisms

      How Does Internet Governance Affect Me?

      • Unit 16: International Institutions
      • Unit 17: Multi-stakeholder Mechanisms in Internet Governance
        • Unit 18: Government and Regulatory Bodies
          Module 6: Investment and Ownership in Telecom and Broadband Market
          • Unit 21: Market Structure
          • Unit 22: Competition in the Market (Wired Access and Wireless Access)
          • Unit 23: Revenue Generation in Telecom and Broadband Market
          Module 7: Internet Users in India


          • Unit 24: Internet Users in India – Demographics and User Profiles
          • Unit 25: All Type and No Play made Jack a Dull Boy
          • Unit 26: Internet Usage: Digital Natives
          • Unit 27: Factors Affecting the Growth of Internet in India – The Digital Divide
          • Unit 28: Internet Access Points

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