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What Are The Consumer Protection Concerns With Crypto-Assets?
Existing consumer protection regulations are not sufficient to cover the extent of protection that a crypto-investor would require. by Aman Nair and Vipul Kharbanda last modified Jul 18, 2022 03:22 PM — Filed under: , ,
The Ministry And The Trace: Subverting End-To-End Encryption
A legal and technical analysis of the 'traceability' rule and its impact on messaging privacy. by Gurshabad Grover, Tanaya Rajwade and Divyank Katira last modified Jul 12, 2021 08:18 AM — Filed under: , , , , ,
India’s dedicated Cryptology centre gets Rs. 115 crore funding
Work on India's first dedicated cryptology centre – plans for which were first announced in June 2012 – will likely accelerate as the project has gained ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Jul 29, 2014 07:18 AM — Filed under: ,
Good Intentions, Recalcitrant Text - I: Why India’s Proposal at the ITU is Troubling for Internet Freedoms
The UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is hosting its Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-14) this year in South Korea. At PP-14, India introduced a ... by Geetha Hariharan last modified Nov 02, 2014 03:13 PM — Filed under: , , , , , , , ,
Regulating the Internet: The Government of India & Standards Development at the IETF
The institution of open standards has been described as a formidable regulatory regime governing the Internet. Given the regulatory and domestic policy ... by Aayush Rathi, Gurshabad Grover and Sunil Abraham last modified Jan 22, 2019 07:29 AM — Filed under: , , , , , ,