Centre for Internet & Society

A two day workshop on the standardization of Kannada computing terminologies will be organized on January 28-29, 2012 at the Centre for Internet & Society (CIS), Bangalore. CIS is co-organizing this event along with Sanchaya under the Frequently Used Entries for Localization (FUEL) project.

The  workshop aims at the community review and standardization of frequently encountered computing terminologies in Kannada. Also, this workshop is a first of its kind wherein discussion amongst Kannada linguists, translators, journalists, writers and users would take place and a consensus would reach upon the final translation of computing terminologies in Kannada. FUEL Kannada Evaluation meet mainly aims at solving the problem of inconsistency and lack of standardization in software translations.

FUEL tries to provide a standardized and consistent computer interface for users. FUEL Kannada Evaluation meet will be a concrete move towards the aforementioned problem and after the meet, FUEL will come with the standard translation of entries in Kannada language for the first time that are frequently being used by a normal user. This is a community project initiated by Red Hat. We invite linguists, translators, and users to participate who are serious to the cause of localization of computer in Kannada language.

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