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Geetha Hariharan attended a training session for Internet rights activists in Cambridge, organised by Global Partners Digital, UK on September 23 and 24, 2014.

Day 1. Final session was on privacy, surveillance and data protection by Mike Rispoli and Alexandrine Pirlot de Corbion from PI. Got caught up in the discussion, so no notes from that. Of interest is session on communication by Mike - a nine-step process he's outlined (in bold at the very end), and the problem tree and stakeholder mapping approach that Alex spoke of.

Day 2. Great session on the ITU and on lobbying by lobbyist Matthew McDermott of Access Partners. The ITU is a complex beast with activity at multiple levels and different levels of effectiveness at different levels. From conversations, I gathered that any effective strategy for any policy change in Internet governance at the ITU will involve lobbying national governments, and then at sub-regional, regional and global levels.

Day 3. Tim Maurer's session on cyber security. Issues of terminology and politicisation discussed. Also info on in what forums cyber security  debate is taking place. The Netherlands is hosting the Global Conference on Cyber Space in April 2015.


Unedited notes from the meeting can be downloaded here (Zip File, 739 Kb)

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