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Sunil Abraham was a speaker at this event organized by Students Christian Movement of India at SCM House in Bangalore on April 25, 2016. Mathew Thomas and Usha Ramanathan also gave talks.

With the passage of the Aadhaar act 2016 is UID / Aadhar mandatory now? How do we understand the issue of Social Security in the context of the new law? What does it mean for those who need to access their senior citizen pension, rations, school and college scholarships, etc.

How does one understand the money bill route for introducing the bill in Parliament? What are implications of this for the validity of the law?

What will happen to the court cases challenging the UID now?

Where are we now on the thorny issues of surveillance, tracking, profiling, biometrics, private and foreign companies and subsidy? What does the law say?

This discussion will revisit the debates around the UID and examine the implications of the new law.