Centre for Internet & Society

If there was ever a case of shoot the messenger, it is this.

The blog post by Nikhil Pahwa was published by Medianama on May 19, 2017. Pranesh Prakash was quoted.

The UIDAI, the body which runs the Aadhaar project in India, has written to the Centre for Internet & Society suggesting that their disclosure of the fact that the data of 130 million Aadhaar users is being publicly disclosed on the Internet is owed to a hack-attack, reports the Times of India. On being contacted by MediaNama, Pranesh Prakash, Policy Director at CIS told MediaNama that “We are waiting for an official copy of the letter, and once we receive it we will decide on our future course of action.” The UIDAI told MediaNama that they’ll get back to us, and declined to share a copy of the letter with MediaNama.

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