Centre for Internet & Society

Tactical Technology Collective (TTC) on December 7 and 8, 2015 organized this event in Phnom Penh. Amber Sinha participated in it.

The areas TTC is planning to focus on in the Politics of Data project include:

  • Politics of Data: exploring questions about what it means to live in a data society and how it impacts our autonomy and privacy. Me and My Shadow is one of the projects under Politics of Data that looks at the digital traces that we leave behind and how these pieces of information are created, stored and collected. It provides people with resources to learn about how these digital traces can create stories or profiles about you, and how to minimise your digital traces online.
  • Digital Security and Privacy: through this programme, they intend to work with rights advocates, journalists, activists and others to build their digital security skills.
  • Exposing and Shaping Issues: this part of the programme will explore new forms of finding, creating and representing evidence by advocacy and activist groups and individuals.

The meetings saw participation from a host of organisations in Asia including Bytes for All, Cambodian Center for Human Rights, OpenNet, Community Legal Education Center, Engage Media, iPlural and Mido.