Centre for Internet & Society

attended the 2016 IViR Summer Course on International Privacy Law as a beneficiary of the OSF Civil Society Scholarship in Amsterdam from July 3 to 7, 2017.

The University of Amsterdam’s Institute for Information Law (IViR) announces the 6th IVIR Summer Course on Privacy Law and Policy. The course will focus on privacy law and policy related to the Internet, electronic communications and online and social media.  It will explore the broader trends and recent developments in this rapidly changing field and explain how businesses, governments and other stakeholders can achieve their goals within it. The course will feature a distinguished faculty of European and US academics, regulators and practitioners who will investigate the EU and US legal frameworks and how they operate together. Participants will acquire the essential knowledge necessary to navigate privacy law and policy for online services that operate in the EU and the US. The seminar format promotes interaction among participants and faculty, and incorporates a range of practical exercises to apply the knowledge.

For more information see the website