Centre for Internet & Society

Udbhav Tiwari represented the Centre for Internet & Society in a series of meetings held at University of Waikato and Novotel in Hamilton, New Zealand between April 18 and 25, 2017.

The participation was by the virtue of our institutional membership in Information Systems Security Sectional Committee (LITD 17) at the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The first 5 days of the meetings (18 to 23 April, 2017) were the working group meetings, where Udbhav participated in Working Group 1 - Information security management systems and Working Group 5 - Identity management and privacy technologies. Udbhav's participation in WG1 was largely exploratory, where I made some connections and tagged projects for us to comment on prior to the next set of meetings. These projects were Cyber Security, Cyber Insurance, Government Use of the ISO 27001 Standards, International Framework for Cyber Security and the Standing Document on Regulatory Use of 27001.

In WG5, Udbhav was appointed as Co-Rapporteur in the Study Period on Smart Cities, which will go on for another 6 months. The plenary of SC 27 was held on April 24 and 25, 2017. The final resolutions from the Working Groups plenary can be accessed below:

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