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Bengaluru police made the biggest goof up of all time by releasing private information of people who called 100 to complain since April 2015 and was seemingly unapologetic about the breach of privacy.

The article by Neha Vashishth was published by India Today on April 6, 2017. Pranesh Prakash was quoted.

We all love our privacy, don't we?

We put various locking apps and hide our private pictures on Facebook, Twitter etc and only share what we want the world to see. But sometimes even after our countless efforts, we end up losing our information on the internet. After all, a breach of privacy is the greatest nightmare one can have.

Bengaluru police goofed up too when it came to handling privacy concerns of Bengaluru citizens. The police department posted phone numbers of thousands of citizens on their Twitter handle (@BCPCR) who called 100 and complained against harassment, quarrels, and gambling etc.

The police posted over 46,000 tweets online since April 2015 sharing information of people who called on 100 along with the app known as 'Suraksha' to lodge complaints. The account was made private as soon as the matter escalated.

The police was unapologetic regarding the matter and said that the tweets were auto-generated from their twitter handle @BCPCR.

Pranesh Prakash, Policy Director at the Centre for Internet and Society said the "police officer who ordered to create such an account should be held responsible if any harm comes to a complainant."

This not only created a major breach of privacy of complainants but also risked their lives. This incident only proves that privacy and sensitivity of the matter has vanished in today's time.