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Ambika Tandon attended a workshop organized by Association for Progressive Communications for grantees of the Feminist Internet Research Network as a panelist on a session on feminist research methods.. The workshop was held from 27 February to 1 March, in Malaysia. Represented from 8 organizations attended the workshop.

Objectives of the convenining

  • To inaugurate a network of feminist researcher in the field of digital technology for ongoing collaboration, advice and active solidarity.
  • To start trust building within the network through shared values and plot how it will work and how it will expand.
  • To facilitate exchange of learnings and capacity building among the network members and other resource persons, in particular.
  • To facilitate peer-feedback, collaboration and interdisciplinary discussions on research design, methodologies and research plans of the selected projects and other resource persons.
  • To get feedback on overall FIRN project research methodology/design.
  • To explore new and innovative methods, as well as get understand key developments and challenges in more established ways of collecting and analysing data in the four areas of the research initiative.
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