Centre for Internet & Society

Omidyar Network in partnership with the Esya Centre organized a private discussion on the theme “Emergence of Chinese technology - rising stakes for innovation, competition and governance” on Monday, 12 August 2019 in New Delhi. Arindrajit Basu attended the event.

China Ascendant: Soft Power report by ON focuses on three prongs of power-digital power, fore power and sharp power. Standards have been a major avenue for proliferation of Chinese competition.This is combined with knowledge transfer as 2.8 million Chinese students in the US have largely returned to tech companies in China. Core strength is still not in basic research so by 2020, aiming for 15 per cent of PhD.s to be in basic research. China uses nudges in shaping global governance outcomes by targeting the right stakeholders as opposed to altering the ground rules entirely,  Universities in China have focused on how cultural connections can be linked upto negotiating prowess at multilateral fora.

  • China takes a whole of government approach to technology innovation. Continues to be consumer focused.
  • China does not look at India as a R+D partner,more as a market.Stability and unpredictability has been an issue.None of India's tech policies were drafted with China in mind.