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Sunil Abraham spoke to Economic Times on the misuse of Aadhaar during demonetisation.

Sunil Abraham said:

"We saw Aadhaar being misused at large-scale during the demonetization, criminals had created a black market in Aadhaar identity cards and photocopies of Aadhaar. Those interested in converting black money were purchasing these photocopies from the black market and giving them to bank officials so that they could maintain fake records that tried to prove that ordinary people came in photos' cash transactions.

Whenever we try to introduce technological measures we must always think of the human systems that are at work and the human procedures that are at work. Another example is today telcos giving sim cards based on Aadhaar authentication to meet their sales targets some of these telcos are giving multiple sim  cards for a single Aadhaar based KYC. Those sim cards are often resold into black market or given to persons that are not familiar with the aadhaar number holder and this has only makes the security situation in the country worse. It has not improved." Watch the Video