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Companies aware of new concerns, says expert.

The article by Roshan H. Nair published in Deccan Herald quotes Sunil Abraham.

The much-awaited ‘Android 10’ software for phones was launched on Wednesday. In a video put out by the company, a host of new features is visible, one of the most prominent being enhanced privacy. The video says Android 10 has “privacy features that put you in control".

Android 10 is only the latest in a series of tech products that project ‘privacy’ as a special feature.

The world is still recovering from the shock of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and has become more protective about its personal data and suspicious about big tech companies.

Originally, it was only Apple products that advertised privacy as one of its special features. Now, every platform seems to want to mark themselves ‘safe’.

“WhatsApp is promising end-to-end encryption. Facebook is saying all messaging will become like it is in WhatsApp. Microsoft, setting itself apart from Google and Facebook, is claiming that it doesn’t depend on customer’s data for its business model,...Sunil Abraham, executive director of The Centre for Internet and Society, Bengaluru, says.

“More and more, companies are using systems such as local storage, local processing, end-to-end encryption for messages, commitment not to upload your personal data and encryption of cloud storage. These are all broad movements in what is called Privacy Enhancing Technologies’, now a domain of technology,” Abraham says.

At the moment, only Pixel phones have Android 10.

The software will be available on more phones in the coming months.

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