Centre for Internet & Society

Up to 13.5 crore Aadhaar numbers can be easily accessed through government portals and nearly three-fourths of these are linked to bank accounts, said non-profit research organisation the Centre For Internet & Society (CIS).

Calling the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) “extremely irresponsible” in maintaining privacy standards, CIS blamed the Aadhaar governing body for turning a "blind eye" to the lack of standards regarding use of Aadhaar data by private and public bodies

"It is staggering that while these databases have existed in the public domain for months, while framing the Aadhaar Act Regulations in late 2016, the UIDAI did not even deem these as important matters to be addressed by way of regulations or standards," CIS said in a report titled ‘Information Security Practices of Aadhaar (or lack thereof)’.

The CIS report points out several government sites which showcase inefficiently masked Aadhaar codes with sensitive personally identifiable information, also available for download as spreadsheets.

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