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This report has been authored by Megha Malnad, Parimala, Nagina, and Tasneem Mewa, and edited by Ambika Tandon, Gurshabad Grover and Rajesh Srinivas.


This report is part two of a two-part series studying the impact of data systems and digital technology on the lives of sexual minorities and sex workers. This project has been jointly conducted by CIS and Sangama.


This report discusses social media and mobile phone usage by gay men, and women sex workers in Karnataka. Using primary data collected in 2018, we conclude that phones and social media can be used as a tool to protect oneself from certain kinds of violence, but also enables the perpetuation of other forms of violence. On one hand, mobile phones and social media provide new spaces and avenues to connect with personal and professional contacts; and can afford greater anonymity to vulnerable communities facing stigmatisation. On the other hand, phones and social media apps are another mechanism through which sex workers and gay men face violence and abuse. 

The full report can be accessed here.

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