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The Centre Internet and Society, India has been researching privacy policy in India since the year 2010 with the following objectives.

  1. Raising public awareness  and dialogue around privacy,
  2. Undertaking in depth research of domestic and international policy pertaining to privacy
  3. Driving comprehensive privacy legislation in India through research.

India does not have a comprehensive legislation covering issues of privacy or establishing the right to privacy In 2010 an "Approach Paper on Privacy" was published, in 2011 the Department of Personnel and Training released a draft Right to Privacy Bill, in 2012 the Planning Commission constituted a group of experts which published The Report of the Group of Experts on Privacy, in 2013 CIS drafted the citizens Privacy Protection Bill, and in 2014 the Right to Privacy Bill was leaked. Currently the Government is in the process of drafting and finalizing the Bill.

Draft Right to Privacy

Privacy Research -

1. Approach Paper on Privacy, 2010 -

The following article contains the reply drafted by CIS in response to the Paper on Privacy in 2010. The Paper on Privacy was a document drafted by a group of officers created to develop a framework for a privacy legislation that would balance the need for privacy protection, security, sectoral interests, and respond to the domain legislation on the subject.

2. Report on Privacy, 2012 -

The Report on Privacy, 2012 was drafted and published by a group of experts under the Planning Commission pertaining to the current legislation with respect to privacy. The following articles contain the responses and criticisms to the report and the current legislation.

3. Privacy Protection Bill, 2013 -

The Privacy Protection Bill, 2013 was a legislation that aims to formulate the rules and law that governs privacy protection. The following articles refer to this legislation including a citizen's draft of the legislation.

4. Right to Privacy Act, 2014 (Leaked Bill) -

The Right to Privacy Act, 2014 is a bill still under proposal that was leaked, linked below.

  • Leaked Privacy Bill: 2014 vs. 2011 http://bit.ly/QV0Y0w
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