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The Centre for Internet & Society attended the ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27 Working Group Meetings from 22 to 27 October 2016 in Abu Dhabi at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Being a member of Working Group 5: Information technology - Security techniques – Identity management and privacy technologies, we attended the following meetings:

  1. WD 29184 Guidelines for online privacy notices and consent- As technological advancement and wider availability of communication infrastructures has enabled collection and analysis of information regarding an individuals' activities, along with people becoming aware about privacy implications of the same, this standard aims to provides a framework for organizations to provide clear and easily under information to consumers about how the organization will process their PII.
  2. SP PII Protection Considerations for Smartphone App providers - Being a 1-year long project proposed during the ISO/IEC SC 27 JTC 1 Working Group Meetings in Jaipur in the year 2015. This group aims to build off a privacy framework for mobile applications to guide app developers on the lines of ISO/IEC 29100 international standard (which defines a broad privacy framework for information technologies)  in light of excessive data collection by apps in absence of consent or justification, lack of comprehensive policies, Non transparent practices,  Lack of adequate choice and consent, to ensure protection of rights of the individuals, etc. and will work towards ensuring a harmonized and standardized privacy structure for mobile application data policies and practices.
  3. WD 20889 Privacy enhancing data de-identification techniques- Given the importance of Data de-identification techniques when it comes to PII to enable the exploitation of the benefits of data processing while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and the relevant ISO/IEC 29100 privacy principles, the selection, design, use and assessment of these techniques needs to be performed appropriately in order to effectively address the risks of re-identification in a given context.
  4. SP Privacy in Smart Cities- Being a 1-year long project proposed during the ISO/IEC SC 27 JTC 1 Working Group Meetings in Jaipur this group saw contributions from Japan, India, PRIPARE in EU, to name a few. The scope for the group was proposed to produce a framework in light of data ownership, communication channels, privacy risk and impact assessment in smart cities, data lifecycle privacy governance for smart cities, and Develop use cases and contexts for Privacy Controls w.r.t the data lifecycle in Smart Cities, along with detailed documentation of Privacy Controls for Smart Cities aligned to the primary controls and associated sub controls.
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