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The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) sought information from ICANN on their revenue streams by sending them a second request under their Documentary Information Disclosure Policy. This request and their response have been described in this blog post.

CIS Request

22 July 2015


Mr. Cherine Chalaby, Chair, Finance Committee of the Board

Mr. Xavier Calvez, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Samiran Gupta, ICANN India

All other members of Staff involved in accounting and financial tasks

Sub: Raw data with respect to granular income/revenue statements of ICANN from 1999-2011

We  would  like  to  thank  ICAN  for  their  prompt  response  to  our  earlier  requests.  We appreciate that the granular Revenue Details  for FY14  have been  posted online.[1] We also appreciate that a similar  document  has  been  posted  for  FY13.[2]

And  we  hope  that  one  for  FY12  would  be  posted soon, as noted by you in your Response to our Request No. 20141222-1.[3]

As also noted by you in the same request, similar reports cannot be prepared for FY99 to  FY11 since “[i]t would be extremely time consuming and overly burdensome to cull through the raw data in order to compile the reports for the prior years”.[4]

Additionally, it was also mentioned that the “relevant information is available in other public available documents”.[5]

Hence, we  would like to request  for the raw  data for years FY99 to FY11, for our research on accountability  and  transparency  mechanisms  in  Internet  governance,  specifically  of  ICANN. Additionally,  we  would  also  like  to  request  for  the links  to  such  public  documents where the information is available.

We look forward to the receipt of this information within the stipulated period of 30 days. Please feel free to contact us in the event of any doubts regarding our queries.
Thank you very much.
Warm regards,
Aditya Garg,  
I Year, National Law University, Delhi
For Centre for Internet & Society
W: http://cis-india.org

ICANN Response

ICANN referred to our earlier DIDP request (see here) where we had sought for a detailed report of their granular income and revenue statements from 1999-2014. They refused to disclose the data on grounds that it would be ‘time consuming’ and ‘overly burdensome’, which is a ground for refusal as per their exceptions to disclosure.

Our request may be found here, and their response is linked to here.

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