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"The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace released a public consultation process that sought to solicit comments and obtain feedback on the definition of “Stability of Cyberspace”, as developed by the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC).

The definition of cyberspace the GCSC provided was :

Stability of cyberspace is the condition where individuals and institutions can be reasonably confident in their ability to use cyberspace safely and securely, where the availability and integrity of services in cyberspace is generally assured, where change is managed in relative peace, and where tensions are resolved in a peaceful manner.

CIS gave detailed commentary on the definitions [attached] and suggested a new definition of cyber stability documented below:

Stability of cyberspace is the objective where individuals, institutions and communities are confident in the safety and security of cyberspace; the accessibility,availability and integrity of services in cyberspace can be relied upon and where change is managed and tensions ranging from external interference in sovereign processes to the use of force in cyberspace are resolved peacefully in line with the tenets of International Law,specifically the principles of the UN Charter and universally recognised human rights.

Cyber stability can only be fostered if key stakeholders in cyberspace conform to a due diligence obligation of not undertaking and preventing actions that may prevent cyber stability. The end goal of cyber stability must minimize or eliminate immaterial or peripheral incentives while preserving and potentially legitimizing those cyber offensive operations that can further effective deterrence and thereby foster stability, while also minimising any collateral damage to civilian life or property.

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