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Public Talk by Jamillah Knowles who is an online and radio journalist for the BBC on the 26th of September, Saturday at 16:00 hrs

Jamillah Knowles is an online and radio journalist for the BBC. She has 15 years experience working in the new business on many platforms. Starting in newspapers as a photographer she spent a great deal of time in print, moving on to radio for several years with BBC Radio Five Live and World Service before making a jump to online news. 

Currently she works in the User Generated Content Hub at the BBC providing contacts, images, case studies and eyewitness accounts in multimedia form for all news outlets across the corporation.  

In her spare time she makes the Pods and Blogs radio show for BBC Radio Five Live about digital life online. Over the past year she has been working on developing relationships with online citizen reporters and looking at how social networks can play a role in creative news making.  

This talk is about how the BBC has embraced user generated content and how it has changed our news environment in the way we research and provide news for radio, television and online.


Jamillah Knowles