Centre for Internet & Society

The Centre for Internet and Society invites people and organizations in the business of 'privacy online' to engage with it in Privacy, By Design — an open space discussion that brings together coders, developers, users and entrepreneurs interested in the design of privacy online.

Privacy by Design Is Privacy something we are born with or is it constructed for us? Different actors like governments, markets, cultural negotiators, are often attributed the responsibility of defining what it means to be 'private'.  In our rapidly digitizing world, Internet and digital technologies have emerged as new factors that influence the design of privacy. Ranging from social networking systems to e-governance projects and economic transactions to interpersonal relationships, the design of privacy online has become a central concern.

Privacy, By Design is a part of The Identity Project (TIP), a collaboration between the Centre for Internet and Society and the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society. It is a research inquiry that hopes to consolidate multiple perspectives, and ideas in an attempt to initiate a dialogue between people who are in the business of designing platforms and applications that pivot around privacy. For instance: How do the platforms we use define our understanding of privacy? What does privacy in the cloud look like? What are the parameters by which privacy is defined within the digital world? What role do digital technologies play in producing the 'privacy effect?'