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CIS is co-hosting a talk by Mr. Michael Riggs (FAO) covering the topic on Information and Communication Technology and e-Agriculutre and how Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture can benefit from ICTs.

CIS is co-hosting a lecture on ICT for improving Agriculture and Livelihood in the Rural areas, by Mr. Michael Riggs, who is currently an Officer (Knowledge and Information Management) with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Rome.


Brief Introduction of Mr. Michael Riggs:
As FAO's Information and Knowledge Management Officer, Mr. Riggs is resposible for initiating and managing collaborations with partners around the Asia-Pacific region to improve sustainable development through the application of modern information and technology.  Mr. Riggs has championed the regional e-Agriculture community (www.e-agriculture.org) and also manages the regional implementation of FAO's internal knowledge and information exchange strategies, particularly preserving institutional memory and adopting standards for digital information exchange. 

Prior to his current post with the FAO, Mr. Riggs has held the following positions:

  • Information Management Specialist with FAO
  • Information Dissemination and Management consultant at APHCA
  • Director, New Business Development at Green Cross Corporation.

Mr. Riggs has advanced degrees in both economics and organizational management and specialises in:

  • Knowledge sharing methods and tools
  • Catalyzing communities of practice and international collaboration
  • Conceptualizing and communicating new ideas
  • Information surveys
  • Building individual and organizational capacity in ICT4D