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Campaigners for Inclusion is organising an awareness raising event on Right to Read at the Kolkata International Book Fair on February 6, 2010.

Campaigners for Inclusion (a voluntary citizen group imitative of Sruti Disability Rights Centre & CRY) had introduced the Right to Read Campaign in Kolkata last November. The programme was hosted by National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) where Nirmita Narsimhan from CIS and Rahul Cherian of Bookbole were present. Senior academicians like Dr. S. Das, Vice chancellor, University of Calcutta, Senior Journalists from The Telegraph as well as the Principal of Blind Boys Academy participated in a panel discussion and interacted with the audience which comprised of BPOs, DPOs, NGOs and students.

In continuance with the programme, an awareness raising event is being organised in the famous Kolkata International Book Fair on 6 February 2010. The volunteer group will be meeting in front of the Publishers Guild office at 2 p.m. Different Disability groups are expected to join them there—they will tour the entire Book Fair complex, with posters and leaflets, and end the tour in front of the Publishers Guild Office.  The campaigners will then give a memorandum to the officials of the Guild.

More than one lakh people visit Kolkata Book Fair every day, so please join us to bring in awareness on non- availability of books for the print impaired.

For further information, please call:

Agni Srinivasan@ 09831477703, or

Moumita Chakraborty@ 09804364095