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Blog Entry Creative Activism - Voices of Young Change Makers in India (UDAAN)
by Denisse Albornoz published Jan 20, 2014 last modified Apr 14, 2015 01:21 PM — filed under: , ,
This post is a short account of what happened at UDAAN in December 2013 — a conference that gathered 100 youth from across the country to discuss pressing environmental issues and creative strategies to tackle them. We conducted a survey to map the perspectives of these young change-makers and get a glimpse of how India's youth is now framing and going about making 'change'
Located in Digital Natives / Making Change
Blog Entry Digital Humanities for Indian Higher Education
by Sara Morais and Subhashish Panigrahi published Jul 18, 2013 last modified Apr 17, 2015 10:53 AM — filed under: , , ,
The digital age has had a huge impact on higher education in the last decade transforming the modalities of both teaching and research. To discuss these changes and what it means for research work, a multidisciplinary consultation was held at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore on July 13, 2013.
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Tech transformation: how agriculture is being redefined through digital innovation and startups
by Admin published Jun 30, 2018 last modified Jul 06, 2018 03:39 PM — filed under:
At a recent YES Bank panel and digital startup competition, it was evident that India’s digital boom was lending the Indian startup ecosystem a distinctly agri-flavour.
Located in Internet Governance / News & Media
File DML 2013 Conference
by Prasad Krishna published Mar 21, 2013
Located in Internet Governance / Blog
Blog Entry New Modes and Sites of Humanities Practice
by Puthiya Purayil Sneha published May 19, 2016 last modified Jun 30, 2016 04:45 AM — filed under: , , , ,
An extended survey of digital initiatives in arts and humanities practices in India was undertaken during the last year. Provocatively called 'mapping digital humanities in India', this enquiry began with the term 'digital humanities' itself, as a 'found' name for which one needs to excavate some meaning, context, and location in India at the present moment. Instead of importing this term to describe practices taking place in this country - especially when the term itself is relatively unstable and undefined even in the Anglo-American context - what I chose to do was to take a few steps back, and outline a few questions/conflicts that the digital practitioners in arts and humanities disciplines are grappling with. The final report of this study will be published serially. This is the sixth among seven sections.
Located in RAW
File Resisting Revolutions
by Prasad Krishna published May 29, 2012
Nishant Shah's peer reviewed journal article was published in Democracy, Volume 55, Issue 2.
Located in Digital Natives
Blog Entry Video Games: A Case Study of a Cross-cultural Video Collaboration
by Larissa Hjorth and Nishant Shah published Jan 31, 2014 — filed under:
A new book focusing on Palestinian artists’ video, edited by Bashir Makhoul and published by Palestinian Art Court- al Hoash, 2013, includes a chapter co-authored by Larissa Hjorth and Nishant Shah.
Located in Internet Governance / Blog
File Book 4: To Connect : Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?
by Nishant Shah last modified Sep 15, 2011 02:47 PM
In Book 4, To Connect of the Digital (Alter)Natives with a Cause? series, we try to understand digital natives through their environment. Digital natives do not operate in a vacuum, their actions are shaped by the fast changing geo-political landscape, interaction with other actors and the global architecture of technology. In our Digital Natives with a Cause? research, it has become clear that at the heart of all digital natives discourse lies the question of power. Along with power, questions of race, class, gender and socio-economic situation cannot be ignored when talking about digital natives. We found that on one hand digital natives are destabilising existing power structures and challenging the status quo. On the other, the geo-political context in which digital natives live, affect their activities, beliefs and opinions. Then there are actors that can destroy, influence or support digital native activity which give rise to questions of control that resonate within this new generation
Located in Digital Natives
File Book 3: To Act : Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?
by Nishant Shah last modified Sep 15, 2011 02:40 PM
In Book 3 of the Digital AlterNatives with a Cause? collective, we enter into dialogue with some of the severest and most heated debates around digital natives and their ability to effect change. To Act collides with the discourse on young people’s ability and role in technology mediated processes of change, heads-on. It deliberates on some very dense questions about how digital natives execute their visions of change using new forms of mobilisation of resources and sharing/production of information.
Located in Digital Natives
File Book 2: To Think: Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?
by Nishant Shah last modified Sep 15, 2011 02:35 PM
We started the Digital Natives with a Cause? Knowledge programme, with a series of questions, which were drawn from popular discourse, research, practice, policy and experiences of people engaging with questions of youth, technology and change. Our ambition was to consolidate existing knowledge and to look at knowledge gaps which can be addressed in order to build new frameworks to understand the role that digital natives see themselves playing in their own understanding and vision of change. This Book 2 To Think, takes up the challenge of constructing new approaches and each essay in this book, through case-studies, analyses and divergent perspectives, offers a novel way of understanding processes of technology mediated citizen-driven change.
Located in Digital Natives