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Blog Entry Copyright Amendment: Bad, but Could Have Been Much Worse
by Sunil Abraham published Jun 15, 2012 — filed under: ,
The changes to the Copyright Act protect the disabled - but are restrictive about cover versions and web freedom, writes Sunil Abraham in this article published in the Business Standard on June 10, 2012.
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Blog Entry The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Injunctions
by Lawrence Liang published Jun 15, 2012 — filed under: ,
The same ‘Ashok Kumar,' now restrained from infringing the copyright of the film, ‘3,' helped its signature song, ‘ Kolaveri,' go viral by downloading and copying it without any restraints, writes Lawrence Liang in this Op-ed published in the Hindu on May 23, 2012.
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Blog Entry 35th SCCR: CIS' Question to Dr. Rostama on her Study on the Impact of the Digital Environment on Copyright Legislation
by Anubha Sinha published Nov 19, 2017 — filed under: , , ,
Anubha Sinha, attending the 35th Session of the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (“SCCR”) at Geneva from 13 November, 2017 to 18 November, 2017, posed this question on the agenda 'Other Matters' on behalf of CIS on Day 5, 17 November, 2017.
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Blog Entry Comparative Transparency Review of Collective Management Organisations in India, United Kingdom and the United States
by Maggie Huang published Jul 31, 2015 last modified Aug 21, 2015 05:12 PM — filed under: ,
This Transparency Review seeks to compare the publicly available information on the websites of music collective management organizations (“CMOs”) operating within India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. A total of 10 CMOs were selected, which included a range of non-profit, government registered organizations to for-profit, private organizations, managing works on behalf of record labels, publishers, composers, lyricists, and music performers. This exercise intends to contribute to the growing body of research on the relationship between transparency and effectiveness of CMOs. It concludes with recommendations and learnings which may lead to more transparent and effective functioning of copyright societies in India, and management of music copyright overall.
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To embed a tweet or not?
by Prasad Krishna published Sep 23, 2016 — filed under: ,
Experts say it would amount to copyright infringement if the fair use clause is exploited.
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Blog Entry Delhi High Court’s Ruling Against Publishers is a Triumph For Knowledge
by Anubha Sinha published Sep 24, 2016 last modified Sep 26, 2016 03:07 PM — filed under: ,
The court conclusively stated that the reproduction of any work by a teacher or a pupil in the course of instruction would not constitute infringement.
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Blog Entry National IPR Policy: Mapping the Stakeholders’ Response
by Akshath Mithal published Nov 24, 2015 last modified Nov 24, 2015 03:02 PM — filed under: , ,
The first draft of the National IPR Policy was released last December. Following that, a plethora of comments and suggestions was submitted to the DIPP on the same. In this post, I will focus on the comments that were available online and analyse the trends that I was able to find in the same and also highlight the many suggestions put forth by the stakeholders.
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The International Copyright System and Access to Education: Challenges, New Access Models and Prospects for New Principles
by Prasad Krishna published Jun 01, 2012 last modified Jun 01, 2012 04:29 AM — filed under: ,
This event organised by Max Planck Institute was held in Munich, Germany on May 14 and 15, 2012. Pranesh Prakash participated in this event.
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Blog Entry An FAQ on the Copyright Amendment Bill, 2012, for the Benefit of Persons with Disabilities
by Dr. Sam Taraporevala and Rahul Cherian published Jun 02, 2012 last modified Jun 02, 2012 04:35 AM — filed under: ,
The Copyright Amendment Bill 2012 introduced certain provisions for the benefit of persons with disabilities and as it has been passed by both houses of parliament (By the Rajya Sabha on May 17, 2012 and the Lok Sabha on May 22, 2012).
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Land and Social Justice - An introduction to Georgism
by Prasad Krishna published Mar 31, 2013 last modified Apr 28, 2013 07:06 AM — filed under: , , ,
Cherry G Mathew will be giving a public talk on Georgism at the office of the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore on April 12, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
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