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Now, Twitter too caught up in Cambridge Analytica controversy
Twitter does not share a break-up of users by region, the platform has less than 100 million users in India. by Admin last modified May 02, 2018 02:49 AM — Filed under: , ,
Allow admins to add users to online group chats only after permission: SFLC.in
SFLC.in -- a donor supported legal services organisation -- has written an open letter to messaging service providers like WhatsApp, Facebook and others, ... by Admin last modified Jun 26, 2018 02:03 AM — Filed under: ,
Effective Activism: The Internet, Social Media, and Hierarchical Activism in New Delhi
This post by Sarah McKeever is part of the 'Studying Internets in India' series. Sarah is a PhD candidate at the India Institute, King’s College London, and ... by Sarah McKeever last modified Jul 16, 2015 08:22 AM — Filed under: , , ,
TIkTok: It’s time for Biden to make a decision on his digital policy with China
As the United State's new president comes into office he is faced with creating a cohesive digital relations policy that corrects some of the damage done by ... by Aman Nair last modified Jan 22, 2021 06:11 AM — Filed under: ,
J&K social media ban: Use of 132-year-old Act can’t stand judicial scrutiny, say experts
Jammu and Kashmir's social media ban: Legal experts are not convinced this is a viable order by Prasad Krishna last modified May 04, 2017 02:12 AM — Filed under: , , ,
Is India the next frontier for Facebook?
Pushing to bring hundreds of millions of Indians into the online world, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday called for expanding his pet project to ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Nov 05, 2014 12:43 AM — Filed under: ,
Social media may influence 160 LS seats in 2014
Social media is likely to influence politics and elections in 160 of India’s 543 Parliament constituencies, making Facebook and Twitter users the nation’s ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 15, 2013 07:13 AM — Filed under: ,
Vote: Will Social Media Impact the Election?
As India enters election mode, social media has become one of many platforms where possible prime ministerial candidates are being scrutinized. by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 15, 2013 08:30 AM — Filed under: ,
Regulating Social Media: Unrealistic, Impossible, Necessary?
The Press Council of India Chairperson Justice Markandey Katju calls for regulating social media, saying it will prevent offensive material coming into the ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 30, 2013 04:50 PM — Filed under: , , , , ,
Facebook’s Fight to Be Free
In India, Mark Zuckerberg can’t give Internet access away. by Prasad Krishna last modified Jan 31, 2016 09:11 AM — Filed under: , , ,
India, Egypt say no thanks to free Internet from Facebook
ALWAR, India — Connecting people to the Internet is not easy in this impoverished farming district of wheat and millet fields, where working camels can be ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 03, 2016 01:49 AM — Filed under: , , , ,
A Megacorp’s Basic Instinct
Bolstered by academia and civil society, TRAI stands its ground against FB’s Free Basics publicity blitz. by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 04, 2016 01:53 PM — Filed under: , , , , , ,
India bans Facebook’s ‘free’ Internet for the poor
India’s telecom regulator said Monday that service providers cannot charge discriminatory prices for Internet services, a blow to Facebook’s global effort to ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 10, 2016 02:53 AM — Filed under: , , , ,
India Sets Strict New Net Neutrality Rules
In India, advocates of net neutrality have welcomed new rules by the telecom regulator that have blocked efforts by Facebook to offer free but limited access ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 11, 2016 01:53 AM — Filed under: , , , , ,
Now trending: Regional Indian language social media networks
How many languages did you speak today? Chances are there was a lot of English at work and at home, but at least a sprinkling of Hindi (or Marathi, Gujarati, ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 15, 2016 01:44 AM — Filed under: ,
Why the Internet is Making India Furious
The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in Bangalore is a kind of hacker club for wonks and lawyers obsessed with issues of digital rights and global ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 28, 2016 03:01 AM — Filed under: , , ,
The Curious Case of Poor Security in the Indian Twitterverse
What are the technical, legal and jurisdictional issues around the recent Twitter and email hacks claimed by the ‘Legion Crew’, and what can targeted entities ... by Udbhav Tiwari last modified Dec 17, 2016 12:28 AM — Filed under: ,
India’s ruling party takes online abuse to a professional level
Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) employs an army of trolls to harass and intimidate critics through social media, a new book ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Dec 31, 2016 02:19 AM — Filed under: ,
Social Media Monitoring
We see a trend of social media and communication monitoring and surveillance initiatives in India which have the potential to create a chilling effect on free ... by Amber Sinha last modified Jan 16, 2017 02:23 PM — Filed under: , ,
Supreme Court issues notice to WhatsApp, Centre on data privacy
Analysts said India lacked data protection laws. by Prasad Krishna last modified Jan 17, 2017 03:06 PM — Filed under: , ,
For India’s complaints department, visit Facebook Live
Notebook: Social media cuts through red tape in a country beset by inertia. by Prasad Krishna last modified Jan 25, 2017 02:03 AM — Filed under: ,
India WhatsApp Privacy Fight May Affect Multinationals
The Indian Supreme Court’s review of Facebook Inc.'s and WhatsApp Inc.'s data security practices may lack teeth but also presages a desire for a stronger ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 02, 2017 02:28 AM — Filed under: , , ,
Government blocks over 60 websites including github & sourceforge on anti-terror advisory
Over 60 websites and links, including popular online tools like Github and Sourceforge used by thousands of programmers have been blocked in India, triggering ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Jan 02, 2015 02:22 PM — Filed under: , , ,
Govt blocks 32 websites, including Vimeo and Github
The websites that have been blocked were based on an advisory by Anti Terrorism Squad, and were carrying anti-India content from ISIS. by Prasad Krishna last modified Jan 02, 2015 04:09 PM — Filed under: , , ,
India 'jihadi' web blocking causes anger
A government block on more than 30 high-profile websites has caused anger across India. by Prasad Krishna last modified Jan 03, 2015 02:48 AM — Filed under: , , , , ,
Govt cracks down on cyber jehad network, blocks access to 32 websites
The Modi government is starting the New Year with the resolve to wipe out terror and it has cracked down on websites that have been carrying anti-India views ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Jan 03, 2015 03:29 AM — Filed under: , , , ,
WhatsApp races against time to fix fake news mess ahead of 2019 general elections
On Friday, when WhatsApp announced that it would pilot a ‘five media-based forwards limit’ in India, the government came up with an unequivocal reminder. by Admin last modified Jul 25, 2018 03:27 PM — Filed under: , , ,
2014 showed the power of Twitter, now every Indian politician wants a handle
Twitter is fast turning into an effective political tool. As political parties fight another round of electoral battles, a new survey on the 2014 general ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 20, 2016 02:33 AM — Filed under: ,
सावधान आपके प्रोफ़ाइल पर है पुलिस की नज़र!
जन लोकपाल, दिल्ली रेप केस और बाबा रामदेव के आंदोलनों में उमड़ी भीड़ से घबराई सरकारी एजेंसियां अब सोशल मीडिया पर कड़ी नज़र रखने के लिए मैदान में उतरी हैं. by Prasad Krishna last modified Jul 31, 2013 04:10 AM — Filed under: , ,
Caught in a filter bubble
The country seems to be polarised over demonetisation and its after-effects. And more likely than not, you’ve had plenty of news stories to read that ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Nov 24, 2016 01:45 AM — Filed under: ,