Centre for Internet & Society

The Centre for Indian Languages in Higher Education (CILHE) is conducting a two-day workshop on Digital Annotation and Content Generation with research scholars at KSP Women’s Studies Centre, Pune on October 30-31, 2015.

Day 1:

As part of this workshop, we will be working with Annotation Studio, a set of collaborative web-based and open source annotation tools that allows users to share texts and annotate them simultaneously. For the educator, it enables tracing points of engagement with the text, identifying which paragraphs generate most interest and why, and learn how readers understand the argument of the text based on marking of tags. For the student, digital annotation is an interesting exercise in close analytical reading, responding to feedback, and building an argument.

Day 2:

The second day will be spent in understanding about generating encyclopedic content on Wikipedia. We will engage the participants in annotating key Women’s Studies texts and create well-referenced entries on various Indian language Wikipedia projects.