Centre for Internet & Society

Get together at the CIS Lab and play with toys!


You are invited to hangout with the CIS Lab Community and with members of the Computer Club of India and Arduino enthusiasts. Also joining would be Bernadette Längle, the organizer of the famous Chaos Communication Congress in Germany, that has been bringing together hackers from all over the world for the last 30 years.


What will happen?

sharing work and ideas about drones and microcopters, radio transmission, DIY-Microscopy, hardware-trojan-detection, arduino blinken lights, musical instruments, robots, toys, analog synthesizers, opening mobile phones and have a look inside, and whatever you wish to bring on to the table and share!


Bring your own kits and spares, if you have one!


If you are a beginner, the better, because you can learn how to solder!


Film screening at 4:40PM (BYOB) 
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey is a 1993 documentary film directed by Steven M. Martin about the life of Leon Theremin and his invention, the theremin, a pioneering electronic musical instrument.