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Sunil Abraham was invited to discuss the common international open data principles on February 24, 2015. The meeting took place at the World Bank office in Washington.

The meeting focused on:

  • Reviewing the content of the Open Data Charter document
  • Understanding the target audience of the document, and how to be inclusive of local governments and non-government organizations
  • Developing a strategic plan and calendar of key events to support adoption of principles
  • Setting out practical next steps

Download Sunil's presentation here

Agenda Item


1. Welcomes and Introductions


  • See attendance list

2. Background Information


  • Presentations on:

o G8 Open Data Charter

o G20 open data initiative

o Post-2015 and the Data Revolution


Break (10:30-10:45)

3. Strategic alignment of open data principles initiatives


  • Discuss need for common approach on OD principles

· Discuss whether principles articulated in Int'l OD Charter, meet this need

4. Content of OD Charter


  • Review Int'l OD Charter
  • Provide comments on content, potential changes

Lunch (12:15-13:00)

5. International consultation on OD Charter


· Suggest key stakeholders (governments, private sector, and civil society organizations) to consult on OD Charter

· Discuss strategy and methods for global consultation on OD principles, especially with Global South

6. Governance of OD Charter


  • Discuss need for ongoing governance for Charter

· Discuss mechanisms and resources necessary to keep Charter updated and foster its adoption

Break (14:15-14:30)

7. Critical path for OD principles


· Develop list of key milestones and events to support Charter adoption and implementation

8. Next steps


· Develop list of specific action items for completion in the next 2 months, as well as over the medium- and long-term

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