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Tulu Wikipedia, which was launched in 2007, is still in incubation stage, according to UB Pavanaja, Programme Officer at the Bengaluru-based Centre for Internet and Society.

The article was published in the Hindu Businessline on December 13, 2014

Speaking at a technical session on ‘Tulu in technology’ as part of Global Tulu Festival in Mangaluru on Saturday, he said that now some push has been given for reviving Tulu Wikipedia.

Workshops on Tulu Wikipedia were conducted in March, April and November this year. The number of Tulu articles in Wikipedia was 135 in January 2014. It has increased to around 750 now, he said.

Referring to the lack of encyclopaedic knowledge in Tulu language, he said there is a need to give push for creating encyclopaedic knowledge in Tulu in such a situation.

Steps should be taken to contribute entries for Tulu Wikipedia regularly to keep it live. Those who work for Tulu Wikipedia should meet regularly to discuss future course of action.

He said that Wikipedia entries in Tulu language can be made under the URL http://bitly.com/tuluwiki

A live Tulu Wikipedia will help bring pressure on the Government to include Tulu in the Eighth Schedule of the India Constitution, he said.

Tulu-speaking people can request for including the Tulu script in Unicode, if there is a live Tulu Wikipedia, he added.

It may be mentioned here that works in Tulu language are prominently written in Kannada script, as Tulu script has not gained acceptability.