Centre for Internet & Society

A two-day workshop on digital collaborations in Tamil-language has been organised by Tamil Virtual University, Anna University Campus, Chennai. I have been invited to participate in this event on behalf of the CIS-A2K programme.

The discussions are going to be in four major topics:

  1. Digitization:

    1. Books and Digital Library

    2. Manuscripts, Inscriptions, Documents, Paintings and Archival of documents

  2. Research and Development:

    1. Natural Language Process

    2. Video / Speech synthesizer, Spell checker

    3. Corpus and Lexicon

  3. E-learning:

    1. Developing appropriate and region specific syllabus

    2. Mobile computing and applications development

  4. Open source and Outreach:

    1. Tamil computing organisations and Wikipedia

    2. Policy of Open source software