Centre for Internet & Society

The goal of this Wikipedia workshop is to increase awareness about Wikipedia and equip its participants with the rudiments of contributing to Wikipedia, and to introduce it as a concept to them. The participants will be learn about Wikipedia and its sister projects. Furthermore, they will be encouraged to contribute in these projects.

Planned activities:
  1. To introduce Wikipedia to the new editors and get them accustomed to the environment.
  2. To promote Marathi Wikipedia and elaborate the use and contribution towards Wikipedia in other Indian languages.
  3. To have an open discussion among the editors the free knowledge movement in general and Wikipedia in particular.
  4. Experienced editors from the Marathi Wikipedia community will demonstrate and educate the participants.
  5. To spread the awareness of Wikipedia as a powerful tool.

We are expecting about 30-60 students to participate in this event. Friends from Hamara Linux also are planning to join in this workshop and mentor the participants.

More on the event page on Meta-wiki.