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CIS Executive Director Sunil Abraham will speak at 'Tactical Media 3.0--Foss: The Dynamics of Freedom', a workshop on techniques and philosophy of Free and Open Source Software, 27 July to 1 August, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.


The Media Lab, Jadavpur University presents Tactical Media 3.0--FOSS: The Dynamics of Freedom, a workshop on techniques and philosophy of Free and Open Source Software
July 27 – Aug 1, 2009, 3-30 to 7-30 pm, Vivekananda Hall

Free and Open Source software is one of the greatest tools in the hands of those who wish to challenge the notions of intellectual property (IP) and market-driven logics of human exchange. The Internet has opened up the space for a world-wide collective that believes in enriching each other’s lives through art and knowledge free from narrow conceptions of ownership and privilege. It has given rise to a new creativity on a global scale, from globally shared alternatives to profit-driven initiatives, towards a hope of re-inventing the commons in the 21st century.

Tactical Media 3.0 is the third chapter in the workshop series on Tactical Media. It will be dedicated to training in Linux-based tools and discussion on the philosophy, economics and politics of FOSS. The resource persons will be Prof. Nandinee Mukherjee and her colleagues from the (JU-FOSS Resource Centre), Jadavpur University, Sunil Abraham, (Director-Policy), Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore, and Sri Dipankar Das, (Senior Lecturer, Jaipuria College), University of Calcutta.

For participation please send a CV and covering letter by July 23 to:

The Media Lab office (ph: 033-2414-6222), Subarna Jayanti Bhavan,

Jadavpur University (main campus)

or email  [email protected]

Seats are limited. Selected candidates shall be charged a nominal fee of Rs. 300.

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