Centre for Internet & Society

Centre for Internet and Society has been listed as an area of excellence and innovative research in this report.

Research Councils UK had undertaken a mapping exercise to gain a better understanding of the research and funding landscape within the arts and humanities in India. The India Foundation for the Arts won the tender to undertake the exercise.

The report highlights:

  • The challenges of definition with the term ‘arts and humanities’ and ‘social science’ in India and subsequently how this affects funding for research in these areas 
  • The strengths, current themes and challenges of arts and humanities (and in some cases social science) research in India 
  • The challenge of creating an accurate arts and humanities archive in India 
  • An overview of the Indian funding and research structures 
  • The challenge of funding fine and performing arts separately from traditional arts research disciplines 
  • A discussion on significant shifts in theory and approaches in some of the disciplines and this impact on the current research landscape 
  • A list of centres of excellence in arts and humanities research in India 
  • A list of centres with potential or those which are working in innovative research areas 
  • An outline of government, non-government and foreign funders

Click here for the Report.

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