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The Asian Privacy Scholars Network 2nd International Conference was hosted by the Centre for Business Information Ethics, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, on behalf of the Asian Privacy Scholars Network, November 19 - 20, 2012. Elonnai Hickok is speaking at the event.

Monday, November 19, 2012

09:00—09:30 Registration and Welcome
09:30—10:30 Keynote Speaker: Pirongrong Ramasoota
(Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
The Future of Privacy in the World's Largest Democracy
10:30—11:00 Break

Whon-Il Park (Kyung Hee University, Korea)
How to Protect, or Utilize, Personal Visual Information in Korea

Sinta Dewi Rosadi (University Padjadjaran, Indonesia)
Constitutional Privacy Protection: The Indonesian Experience

Takato Natsui (Meiji University, Japan) Censorship, Burying and Mental Health in Business Office

12:30—14:00 Lunch

Lilian Edwards (Strathclyde University, UK)
International Implications of the Proposed Revision of the EU Data Protection Directive

Graham Greenleaf (UNSW, Australia and Meiji University, Japan)
100 Data Privacy Laws: Their Significance and Origins

15:00—15:30 Break

Kiyoshi Murata/Yohko Orito (Meiji University/Ehime University, Japan)
Japanese Youngsters' Social Attitude towards Privacy

Ryoko Asai/Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
(Meiji University, Japan/Uppsala University, Sweden) The Paradoxical Nature of Privacy

18:00—20:00 Conference Banquet (Salon San, 23rd Floor, Liberty Tower, Meiji University)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

09:00—09:45 Keynote Speaker: Roger Clarke
(Xamax Consultancy, UNSW and ANU, Australia)
Consumer-Oriented Social Media as Market Opportunity
09:45—10:00 Video Presentation from David Lyon (Queens University, Canada)
10:00—10:30 Break

Daniel Trottier (Uppsala University, Sweden) Social Networking Sites and Crowd-sourced Surveillance

Colin Bennett (University of Victoria, Canada) Social Networking and Privacy Jurisdiction

Andrew Adams (Meiji University, Japan) Facebook Code: SNS Platform Affordances and Privacy

12:00—13:00 Lunch

Elonnai Hickok (Centre for Internet and Society, India) Transparency and Privacy in India

Fumio Shimpo (Keio University, Japan) Current Developments in Japanese Data Protection Policy

Panel: Chen, Greenleaf, Hickok, Shimpo

14:30—15:00 Break

Ian Brown (University of Oxford, UK) Data Protection and Social Networking Services

Shirley Williams (University of Reading, UK) Do Computer Science Scholars Consider Issues of Privacy when Studying Large Twitter Data Sets?

Final Panel: Adams, Bennett, Brown, Clarke, Williams


Prof Andrew A. Adams, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
Prof Kiyoshi Murata, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
Prof Graham Greenleaf, UNSW, Sydney, Australia
(JSPS Visiting Fellow, Meiji University Sep-Dec 2012)

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