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It is very difficult to spot a fake website from the real one these days...with all the new technologies to clearly deceive the eyes. However, there are some ways to make the real from the fake ones with the help of two visual cues. Sunil Abraham was on News 9 on December 2, 2011 speaking about two visual cues to distinguish between the fake and the real websites.

Speaking to Nolan Pinto, Sunil said that in the URL instead of "http" you will find an "https" and the second there will be a digital certificate that precedes the url which will give details about the authenticity of this particular website. The locket, the bottom of the browser is just a repetition of the same visual cue which is a difference between http and https, if there is encrypted traffic between you and the website then you are using a protocol called https and you can tell that https exists in the URL and there is also a lock at the bottom of the browser. If there is no encryption then "https" will be missing and also the lock icon will appear open.

The news was broadcasted on News 9. Watch the recorded video below:





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